Product Name
REPLMNT COIL HON 30560-887-303
Item #: 98208
Replaces 30560-887-303. Fits models G150 and G200 series with Breaker Point Ignitions.
Item #: 98209
Replaces 0500-ZE1-033 and 30500-ZE1-063. Fits models GX110, GX120, GX140, GX160 and GX200 series… more
COIL HON 30500-ZF6-W02
Item #: 98371
Replaces 30500-ZF6-W02 and 30500-ZE2-023. For magneto ignition. Fits models GX240, GX340 and GX390.
COIL HON 30500-ZE7-043
Item #: 98372
Replaces 30500-ZE7-043 and 30500-ZE7-033. Fits most GXV160 series engines with Breaker Point… more
COIL HON 30500-ZG9-M02
Item #: 98373
Replaces 30500-ZG9-M02. Fits most GXV120 series engines with Breaker Point Ignitions.
Ignition Coil Replaces Honda GC135-160-190
Item #: 98153

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