Item #: 46863
13" (330mm) Samurai Ichiban Curved Pruning Hand Saw with Sheath


Our #1 selling tapered saw for the arborist and landscape trades with excellent performance and durability.

Features a tooth design that yields a consistent resistance through the entire curvature of the cutting blade. This top quality saw has uniform resistance promotes full strokes. The taper ground surface and precision controlled impulse tooth hardening, make this saw excel in performance and durability. Includes scabbard.


  • Length: 13" curved pruner saw
  • Teeth per inch: 6.35
  • Hardening: Impulse
  • Blade: Tapered


A tapered blade is thicker at the bottom where the teeth are and thinner at the top following edge. On a tapered blade the teeth do not have "set" (pushed left and right) therefore the blade following the teeth must be thinner to prevent drag in the saw kerf.

Teeth/inch Teeth per inches refers to the number of saw teeth in one running inch of saw blade. The smaller the number of teeth per inch the "coarser" the blades is. A blade with a higher number of teeth per inch is described as a fine tooth blade.

Hardening: Impulse hardening is the most common method for hardening saw teeth. The process involves using electrical impulses to create a very hard layer on the saw tooth edge.


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