Climbing Gear

Our climbing gear section offers everything for you to get the job done right! Carabiners, pulleys, saddles, gaffs, pads & straps plus lanyards, flip lines and much more! Check our full selection below.

  • Our supply of arborist tree climbing hardware includes carabiners, descenders & ascenders, rigging plates, swivels, hooks and other fasteners for the tree climbing specialist.

  • All of our gaffs, pads and straps are made right here in the USA out of the best materials available. Check out our complete line of products to get you climbing in no time!

  • Get the perfect fit for your saddle!

  • A wide selection of lanyards, bungees and loop runners.

  • Used for lowering heavy branches or logs.

  • Pulleys have many applications for arborists from rigging to climb line management.

  • We stock saddles from the best saddle maker out there - Weaver! Made in the USA and of the best leather, webbing, rubberized belting, rope and hardware in the field. Shop with confidence that you are getting superior craftsmanship in every item made.

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