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Product Name
Plastic Grease Gun Refillable
Item #: 47041
Light-weight, durable, plastic measure-matic grease gun. Internal plunger delivers measured flow… more
Metal Grease Gun
Item #: 47037
Rustproof, steel construction. Plunger spring action for servicing sprocketnose and rollernose… more
Plunger Style Grease Gun
Item #: 47042
Our best quality grease gun! Plunger Style compressor makes it easy to grease sprocketnose bars.
Grease Gun Nose
Item #: 44232
Replacement tip for grease gun #47042
Super Lube EPO Grease 4 oz
Item #: 97471
High quality lithium grease made with non-lead anti-wear and extreme pressure additives and… more
Grease Gun 2oz/59ml EP-0 grease
Item #: 22615
Ideal for lubricating chainsaw sprocket nose guide bars

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